Our Team

Customer Service Team

Client Relationship Manager: Drew Andrews

Social Media Relations: Brandie Mckinnis

Sponsor Relations Coordinator: Now Hiring!!!

Public Relations Specialist:  Russell Trahan, PR/PR

Key Executives

Chief Visionary Officer/Founder: H.O.P.E. Dr. Tarik A. Lee

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder: H.O.P.E. Dr. Tahira Lee

Chief Operating Officer: Now Hiring!!!

Executive Assistant: Dawn Moore

President of Communications: Jeane Muratti

President of Bilingual Communications: Jeane Muratti

Public Relations Specialist: Russell Trahan, PR/PR

Director of Human Resources: Rochelle Renee Robinson

Board Members

Chief Inspirational Officers: Dorothy Jackson; Johnny Jackson; Jovonne Jackson; Sheena Jackson

Chief Technology Consultants: Isaac Robinson,  Gary Robinson

Investor Relations

Chief Inspirational Investors: Eric “eRob” Robinson, Cameron Kuhn, David & Annette Butler, and Mark Tudor